Sale and recovery of materials for unique and eco-responsible decorations and furniture!

Matériaux Récupérés de Portneuf helps you live in a unique home and adopt eco-responsible actions! The company recovers materials that it refurbishes to transform them into furniture and decorative items for customers across the province. Be part of the environmental solution with Matériaux Récupérés de Portneuf

Get recycled materials for your furniture and decorative items

Build original and up-to-date interior designs with recycled materials revitalized by a professional workshop: Matériaux Récupérés de Portneuf! The team collects materials from old furniture, barns and houses slated for demolition.Once the materials have been recovered, the workshop repairs the damage, applies a new coat of paint, and ensures the reliability of the material! So, you get materials at low prices while contributing to recycling and recovery solutions.

The team at Matériaux Récupérés de Portneuf scours the entire Province in search of new used materials that are still in good condition for your decoration projects. In addition to the usual decoration materials, you will find materials not found in hardware stores. If you have a specific project in mind and you need a part that you can’t get hold of, it’s a safe bet that Matériaux Récupérés de Portneuf has it!

Here is what you can find with Recovered Materials from Portneuf:

  • Hard to find hardware materials
  • Architectural antiquities
  • Doors and windows
  • Large pieces of wood over 25 feet long

Find materials not found in hardware stores

Sale of furniture from recycled materials!

Are you looking for furniture with an original character and at low prices? Consult the inventory of Salvaged Materials of Portneuf! The team, in addition to recovering used materials, revitalizes old furniture and builds new ones from recovered materials. The workshop assembles kitchen furniture, vanities for your bathroom and much more!

Unique materials, low prices, and an eco-responsible approach

With Matériaux Récupérés de Portneuf, decorate your home, store, commercial premises or even your office with unique furniture! In addition to saving, you contribute to the environmental cause by being part of the solution! Matériaux Récupérés de Portneuf emits an almost non-existent environmental footprint and does not cut down any trees for its projects.

Trust a workshop made up of construction enthusiasts all committed to the environmental cause. You get fully personalized service and more than 10 years of experience in the field!

Contact the workshop to find out more about the materials available!

Decorate your business premises or your home with original decorations made from recycled materials! Matériaux Récupérés de Portneuf offers you renovated furniture and materials for your interior design projects throughout the province! Contact the workshop to find out more!



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